In this week's dispatch from the Randi Zuckerberg e-zine, the verbal equivalent of a plastic bag of chopped up coupons, we're getting some solid advice for the workplace: google your boss, and don't sleep at your desk instead of going home. We'll break it down for you.

Lesson #1: Learn Things About People Before Interacting With Them

"It’s easy these days to find out pretty much anything about anyone you meet," says R-Zuck, privacy stalwart. But what should you find out?

  • "Do they have a blog? Perhaps you can look over it briefly"
  • "Did your Google search reveal that your interviewer loves running on the weekends and has participated in many races? If they ask you what you like to do for fun, and you are pretty active, here’s a great place to mention how you love hiking or running on weekends – but don’t make it up if it isn’t true!"

You don't want to come across as insincere, so only force a conversation about hobbies if you've ever participated in that hobby before.

  • "Blog posts can reveal a lot about your contact’s stance on topics that they’re passionate about, and help you get a sense of what to avoid. For example, if you see that they’re opinionated about a certain political subject, perhaps you can steer clear of politics."

For example: make sure to google "[name of boss] + national socialist party" to avoid an "awkward moment."

Lesson #2: Go Home

It can be really tempting to stay at work forever, never leaving your desk except to defecate or weep. But in a section titled "Why You Should Leave Work On Time Every Day," Dot Complicated drops the following knowledge bombs all over us:

  • "If something unexpected does arise, I take a moment to consider the situation, and then decide on a course of action."
  • "If my boss needs me, I’ll find out the essentials of what she needs and quickly take care of it, or see if it can wait until morning. (Often I have found that if a colleague needs something addressed, she doesn’t necessarily expect action “now.”)"

In summary, take action, do things in the morning, and expect the unexpected.

Lesson #3: Ask Randi

There is no "Ask Randi" section in this week's Dot Complicated. Someone ask Randi something.

And now, here's Randi Zuckerberg singing. Until next time.