This week, R-Zuck didn't actually write anything for her netiquette e-scripture, but farmed it out to some freelancers. The silver lining: we get to learn about a new spiritual practice from the far east. Let's explore our lungs.

Dot Complicated kicks off with "New Trend: Laughter Yoga," which details an apparent new trend called laughter yoga. It's just what it sounds like, and it's all part of the RZ lifestyle: when life throws you a curve, laugh your way through it.

Five minutes later we are standing in a circle of middle-aged women chanting, “Very good, very good, Yay!” Troy whispers to me, “I was so far off; this is so much worse than I expected.”

Trust me, it doesn't matter who Troy is.

We launch from the warm-up activity into the first exercise. Walking slowly in a circle, we are supposed to make eye contact with one another while laughing in beat to a chant of “Ho, Ho, Ha, Ha, Ha.” Troy is a good sport and charms all the older ladies with his great attitude, although I do notice that he deliberately avoids eye contact with me.

Uh oh. But all ends well:

The punch line is: laughing is fun. It feels good.

So there you have it: laughter yoga is a fun way to laugh to a beat, sometimes with old women, who might seduce your boyfriend. The rest of the newsletter is pretty unremarkable. Be safe this weekend, and may you be blessed with much laughter.

And now, here's Randi Zuckerberg singing.