Welcome to Not Complicated, where we break down Randi Zuckerberg's weekly try at cashing in on her last name. The literary newsletter can be a little too erudite, so we'll comprehend it so you don't have to. This week's highlight: "5 Moms To Check Out On Twitter." Don't miss these moms.

Randi says you should follow these moms "to spice up your Twitter feed with solid parenting advice and a healthy dose of humor." Let's meet our first mom: "After suddenly losing her husband during the 3rd trimester of her pregnancy and then finding out that her children are at risk of succumbing to the same illness that took their father," oh no, Christ, let's move on.

Next: "How to make friends on social media." Tip #4: "If you’re looking to connect with your favorite celebrity or notable personality, start interacting with them." Good tip.

Finally, the best part: "Ask Randi: Digital Dilemmas." This week's digital dilemma: "My friend hasn’t responded to several of my emails, Facebook notifications and text messages in the last month or so." Randi notes that "it’s possible your friend is ignoring you," but points out that "no one can fault you for being too kind, and everyone likes to receive birthday greetings." Good call, Randi.

And now, here's Randi Zuckerberg singing. Until next time.