Karaoke is fun because it's a group activity, usually involving a lot of beer and yelling loudly with your arms around others. Using your smartphone is the opposite of this, and yet, here is Just Sing It, a bad app with a celeb endorsement. In a rare victory for common sense, Just Sing It is already tanking.

Perhaps the singalong startup and its investors, including Lerer Ventures, pulled Lohan out of whatever stimulant pit she happened to be in one day because they knew their app was a stinker. Singing at your phone does not sound very fun. But choosing to associate a bad idea with a sad person has created a synergistic reaction of despair. Guests at the December 17th launch party weren't permitted to ask Lohan about the app she is ostensibly a fan of, though I doubt it would've been worth asking anyway. When I asked a Just Sing It rep if I could talk to Lohan about Just Sing It, I was told it'd be "probably vey [sic] difficult" to reach the struggling starlet.

Not much of a spokesperson—really just a case of promotion by proxy. Here's a thing you recognize next to something you would otherwise never hear of. But it's not working. Download data from AppAnnie shows a slight bump from contrived post-party writeups, followed by a steady decline into app store nowheresville:


See that blue line? That is an unpopular app becoming so much less popular that nobody bothers quantifying it anymore. It's off the charts, but in the wrong direction—and a sign that maybe Just Sing It shouldn't have used some of its $1 million in venture capital to hire Lindsay Lohan. If it's any solace, getting Justin Bieber for the job probably wouldn't have worked either.