Here is an interview with a Yale graduate who had part of his brain voluntarily removed because he thought it made him tell Mark Zuckerberg to suck his dick. He owns a business, and has some big plans.

In the course of this very long video, Mahbod Moghadam describes Rap Genius in the following ways:

  • "A collective robot, you know?"
  • "The Stalinist Russia of the internet, but in a good way"
  • Facebook's "sister"
  • "The cocaine of apps, the cocaine of websites"
  • "A poem that God has written"
  • "The most important thing is my baby, so we're going have to get the baby to IPO city, so it's going to be a couple of years away and then what's the ticker gonna be? You know, like RAPG, RG, maybe just RAP, that would be pretty good."
  • "Basically a cathedral"
  • "The biggest site, the biggest phenomenon on the entire internet"

Moghadam also states "I could see Rap Genius buying Google or whatever" and regrets attending law school. This is the most important business interview of our modern age.