You may never have heard of BSides Las Vegas, an annual hacker conference on information security, but they have heard of condoms. Participants in the volunteer-run event, which is sponsored by tech companies like Yelp, Microsoft, BlackBerry were greeted with a "colosseum" of condoms at the professional gathering.

The customized pieces for the world's creepiest Jenga game appear to be swag from the antivirus company Bitdefender.

The history of sexual harassment against women at tech conferences has been well documented. And this doesn't compare to what goes on at Def Con, the infamous hacker conference also happening in Vegas this week. But BSides organizers proudly noted the gender diversity among speakers this year, which makes the elaborate (safe) sex sculpture at an industry event such a contradictory welcome sign.

One conference-goer found perhaps the only appropriate recipient for the towering condom collection: international maniac John McAfee, BSides LV's "secret" keynote speaker, who spoke to a packed room about the importance of privacy.

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