Software billionaire Larry Ellison is rich. Jet-owning, fleet-cruising, bought an entire Hawaiian island rich. But there's been something missing in his aggrandizing oeuvre. Maybe an invite from Larry Ellison to the premiere of a movie about Larry Ellison called The Wind Gods will do the trick.

This email might not be as generous as AirBnb's offer to send reporters to East Hampton, but it still tempts eligible journos with a "VIP reception" on the water in SF. You'll also have the chance to watch this astoundingly self-promoting film, which, Jesus, is actually called The Wind Gods: "the story of the 33rd America's Cup yacht race, in which Oracle Corporation owner Larry Ellison's American yacht USA-17, representing the Golden Gate Yacht Club, defeated the Swiss-owned Alinghi 5 yacht of Italian entrepreneur Ernesto Bertarelli." Eat shit, Switzerland!

Small side note that the film is produced by Ellison's rich son. When your father is the third richest man in the entire country, you can't just give him a tie rack.