Kevin Montgomery · 11/12/14 06:11PM

Google has been going on a real estate shopping spree over the past few years, signaling the company is preparing to hire thousands. According to the Bay Area News Group, the search giant's development plans would allow Google to hire as many as 30,000 new employees in the coming years.

Handy Sued For Being a Hellscape of Labor Code Violations

Kevin Montgomery · 11/12/14 02:20PM

Handy, the on-demand "handyman" and house cleaning startup, is facing a class action lawsuit for violating an impressive amount of labor laws. The suit alleges that the company refuses workers minimum wages, paid breaks, overtime pay, and withholds tips, amongst other violations. Workers also claim the startup, which has raised $45.7 million in funding, imposes onerous demands on workers, including instructing them on "how to use the bathroom."

Fancy Delivery Startup Is Illegally Storing Food On the Streets

Kevin Montgomery · 11/10/14 08:20PM

By Silicon Valley standards, Munchery is already a success. The startup, which hand-delivers cold meals for customers to reheat, has tens of millions in funding. One of its investors likes to call it "the largest restaurant in the world." To get to that level, however, Munchery has been illegally storing Silicon Valley's dinner on the street.

Kevin Montgomery · 11/10/14 12:55PM

Uber is reportedly raising another billion in cash, which could make the company "worth" $25 billion. This comes just five months after Uber raised $1.2 billion at a $17 billion valuation. Why does it need more money so soon? Re/code says "it's unclear."

Lyft's Board Allegedly Debated Ousting Their CEO 

Kevin Montgomery · 11/10/14 12:40PM

The legal battle between Lyft and its former COO is shaping up to be a long, ugly fight. The on-demand car company has accused Travis VanderZanden of stealing tens of thousands of secret company documents before he joined Lyft's main competitor, Uber. Now VanderZanden has fired back in a new court filing, saying he was plotting with Lyft's board of directors to dispose of the company's CEO before leaving the startup.

Nitasha Tiku · 11/06/14 07:55PM

Aereo, the once-promising startup that wanted to bring live TV to your laptop, is laying off "most of its staff." The company raised $97 million in financing to fight broadcasters like Fox, NBC, and Disney by exploiting a loophole in copyright law, but lost in the Supreme Court.

Kevin Montgomery · 11/06/14 06:40PM

Looks like the FBI had a good time checking out a Tesla purchased with drug bitcoin. According to the Blake Benthall's neighbor, "about 20" feds searched the startup sports car over the accused's involvement in Silk Road 2.0. #mystery, solved.