At first I thought this must be a week for hoaxes. First was Troy Hitch, the guy who claims he's going to wear Oculus goggles non-stop for a year, which has to be a prank, especially since he's the guy who makes those "You Suck at Photoshop" videos. Nevertheless, hit the link and see the video, because it's pretty funny. That's him in the photo above.

Even more funny: Pando has announced a series of events called "Don't Be Awful," where Sarah Lacy and Paul Carr and their very special guests will try to dream up ways to make Silicon Valley less awful. It starts with a 24-hour marathon event on Jan. 24.

Apparently this is a real thing that will actually happen. Pando — Pando! — wants to show Silicon Valley how to become less awful.

The jokes are just hanging out there, and frankly, it's too easy. I'm not going to take the bait. But you can. And you should. Seriously, if you have ideas for how Silicon Valley might be made less awful, please feel free to share ideas below. That way Sarah Lacy and Paul Carr and their fellow big thinkers can put those ideas to work.

[Photo: Ross Phernetton.]