There's not much to say about Tech Cocktail, and the firm says that little bit itself: it's "a media company and events organization for startups, entrepreneurs, and technology enthusiasts." Networking stuff. Simple stuff—and something apparently worth a giant investment from the head of Zappos.

The investment is a perfect fit for Zappos serial lush CEO Tony Hsieh, who gave Tech Cocktail the infusion in exchange for more tech parties in Las Vegas. You see, when Hsieh isn't downing shots—an apparent requisite to either interview him as a reporter or interview for him as an employee—he's plotting the renewal of Downtown Vegas. It's truly one of the worst places in these United States, but an area that's still cheap enough that you can play real estate make believe with it, and if all goes to hell, at least the area couldn't have gotten any worse.

For a man who openly fantasizes about Dubai-level dreams for his adopted corporate home, a few million spent encouraging Tech Cocktail's local "mixers, breakfasts, conferences, festivals, and other events" is nothing. It's at least less expensive than an outdoor ski slope in the middle of the desert, and only half as silly.

[Photo: Tim Parkinson/ Flickr]