PayPal is used by almost 130 million people, generates a lot of revenue, and made its backers very, very wealthy. It's a model company. But, that's apparently not enough, and PayPal just announced it will create a way for astronauts to buy things, in space. OK.

Company president David Marcus visited a highly incredulous CNBC and attempted to explain "PayPal Galactic," which is in all seriousness designed to process transactions in space. So if a "space tourist" wants to buy a "space dinner," she might use "PayPal Galactic." It's not really clear how this will be different from "Earth PayPal," which as CNBC points out, is already routed through the highest forms of human technology.

And, Mr. Marcus, how will you compete with Space Clinkle?

Former PayPal bigwig Keith Rabois, who was semi-recently disgraced out of the company, is not convinced: