Protestors claiming to part of an anarchist collective called the Counterforce say that they vandalized Google's office in Venice, California, which is located inside the Frank Gehry-designed Binoculars Building. "On the full moon of May, 14, 2014, during an unusual heat spell, a Counterforce group threw paint at the entrance," according to a post on IndyBay.

I've reached out to Google to confirm the vandalism and asked the tipster for some photos as proof that the event occurred. In the post, the vandalism is described as art:

It was amusing to see Google employees emerge from the front doors of the building and see paint exploding all around them. When they looked up at the sky, all they found was the yellow moon staring back at them. It is highly likely that the cretins at Google have erased this street art, so it is important that you learn a few things about Google before going to visit the new artistic expressions of The Counterforce.

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiighly. Like all things Counterforce, their motivation and goals remain hazy at best. Only where their San Francisco counterparts blamed Google for the housing crisis/everything, the Los Angeles unit is more concerned with climate change.

While they code away inside the Venice offices, the rest of the metropolis bakes away under the overbearing sunshine. If May is this hot, the summer is going to be dangerous. Climate change is not happening apparently, especially inside the cool employee cafes and food troughs on the Venice offices, where a beautiful and rewarding capitalist life with AC proceeds apace. At night, the streets surrounding this tech compound are filled with homeless people in tents or covered in sleeping bags, waiting for the next precarious day of hustling and avoiding the police and hopefully finding free food that will not slowly kill them. But inside the compound, climate change is not happening. Everything is just perfect!

Other Counterforce groups have used pseudonyms borrowed from historical figures with some anarchist tie-in. The IndyBay poster lazily opts for "Thomas Pynchon"—the author from whom the group got its name—and opens with a quote from The Doors. It's not uncertain whether the poster has ever read any Pynchon, but he or she does use an impassioned Hunger Games reference.

But this is Los Angeles, isn't it? The place where a person can slowly rot without knowing it. It has always had more than its fair share of insulated rich people living an absolutely unjustified and decadent lifestyle similar to the residents of the Capitol in the Hunger Games stories. For those of you who have no idea what is being referred to, let the word Hollywood suffice to explain a world of excess, greed, and illusion.

Don't quit your day job unless your day job is screenwriting.

Update: Paint "exploding all around them" may have been wishful thinking. We heard the only lingering evidence is some drips of yellow paint on the sidewalk.

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