What do you get when you cross a lightly-used copy of Atlas Shrugged and a hackathon? Lincoln Labs, a Bay Area group determined to "iterate our way to success" and "advance liberty in the public square with the use of technology."

The ninja-rockstars of solutionism have invited Rand Paul to headline their upcoming conference called Reboot because Disrupt was already taken.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the event, held at the W Hotel in San Franscisco, is targeting "conservatarians," which is what happens when you cross a free love libertarian with a thinkfluencer. I think? Loves polyamory, tacitly supports gay rights, hates "the Paper belt"? Check back with me later, the definition is still being hacked:

Libertarian-leaning Aaron Ginn, 25, is one of the California Republican Party's bright young stars. Last year, he co-founded Lincoln Labs, an incubator for political tech ideas. Ginn, whose day job is the head of growth at the San Francisco Internet company StumbleUpon, said the libertarian message is appealing to tech workers put off by some Republican positions on social issues.

"The word 'conservative' has been conflated with 'social conservative,' " Ginn said. "A conservative-libertarian mix is an effort to get it back to its original meaning."

Lincoln Lab previously held a political laser tag party at South by Southwest. In July, Reboot will feature an actual hackathon with a $10,000 prize for coders building "real solutions" to as-yet unnamed problems. To be honest, it doesn't really matter what the issue is, because they already know the answer: technology!

Passionate about liberty and technology? Put your coding and creative skills to work innovating real solutions to the country's toughest civic challenges at the Lincoln Labs Hackathon.

Over 24 hours, you and fellow liberty-minded technologists from across the country will have the opportunity to build solutions that will have a real impact, and get feedback from some of Silicon Valley's leading minds.

Winning teams will take home combined cash prizes of $10,000. Every participant will leave with fresh ideas and an awesome network of conservatarian doers.

The Chronicle reports Mark Zuckerberg's old roomie Joe Green will also drop by to discuss the FWD.us immigration agenda:

Also scheduled to be there is Nick Gillespie, editor in chief of Reason.org and Reason TV, the libertarian media hubs, and Rep. Cathy McMorris-Rodgers, R-WA, who will be "trying to see how Congress can adapt some of these (tech) tools to what they're doing," co-organizers Aaron Ginn told me. Also on the lineup is Joe Green, former Harvard roommate of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and co-founder of the issue advocacy group fwd.us. He'll be there to talk about tech and immigration reform.

Reboot may sound like a goofy little vanity project, a fun chance to throw around meaningless words with like-minded individuals, but don't forget: Silicon Valley billionaires have invested heavily in doomed ideas before.

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