Mahbod "Vyvanse" Moghadam, noted Yale graduate, is making a career of acting like a minor lunatic. Telling Mark Zuckerberg "suck my dick," among other dubious internet acts, hasn't kept Moghadam's startup from attracting many millions. And it's nothing a little brain surgery couldn't fix, he says.

Moghadam IMed me today claiming he wanted to go public with his surgical procedure, which as far as communication with the guy goes, isn't that odd:

12:15:21 PM Mahbod Moghadam: I have a weirdo confession

12:15:26 PM Mahbod Moghadam: I had brain surgery 3 weeks ago!

12:17:13 PM Mahbod Moghadam: it was a fetal benign tumor, and - honestly I think this - it was the cause of me acting like an asshole and telling all these ballers to suck my dick

The ballers have been waiting for an apology—and at least now they have an explanation, sort of. Moghadam says doctors detected the tumor after getting an MRI for what he believed to be a sports injury. He "always had an evil hum in [his] head that is gone now," presumably some sort of evil-infused tumor that was poisoning his brain zone and making him prone to "dissing Zuck, dissing Warren Buffett, a lot of shit." But there's an upside, of course, because the best part about going to Yale is that everything thereafter will contain an upside:

12:22:17 PM Mahbod Moghadam: basically it was perfect timing, we had all these opportunities coming up and this lit a giant fire under my ass

12:22:31 PM Mahbod Moghadam: oh hell yeah, the tumor had incapacitated me so I could hardly work out

12:22:51 PM Mahbod Moghadam: now I'm back in the gym like an animal, got the 8-pack in full effect, I'm gonna freestyle shirtless soon (maybe)

There's always something to look forward to!

[There was a video here]

(Moghadam performing a bedridden impression of Yale literary critic Harold Bloom)

Plus, he's feeling much better now, thanks to sympathy of Nas and Kim Kardashian. I don't even know:

Kim's mom showed me so much love, told me to drink ginger....[millionaire venture capitalist] Ben [Horowitz] came to NYC to visit, he sent Nas a pic of my scar, and Nas was like "Daaamn respect for my man!"

But the biggest upshot of all here is that, indefinitely, Maghadam will have an excuse for any prior misdeeds. And maybe some in the future: "Still required to say crazy shit tho so who knows when I'll cross the line?" Contrived unending asshole-ism is a strong personal brand.