Google's playboy executives didn't just land their planes on NASA property and start chugging Pentagon fuel without permission—first, they had to cozy up with the government.

In these emails, released via FOIA request and provided to Valleywag by California non-profit Humanitarian Air Logistics, show a chummy, chatty relationship between Google and NASA staff. The friendliness extends in both directions: Eric Schmidt and Sergey Brin were sure eager to secure Moffett Federal Airfield to shuttle their mistresses and pals around the world. But cash-strapped NASA seems equally—if not more!—desperate to cuddle up with the tech sector.

Although Ken Ambrose, the man in charge of Google's airfield-managing dummy company, told Sen. Chuck Grassley they have "no relationship with [NASA] Director [Pete] Worden other than as a NASA tenant," that's obviously false.

The "tenant relationship" doesn't usually entail requesting private plane rides for Tom Brokaw:

Nor does it entail all the email and phone call back and forth seen and described below. Remember: every minute a government employee spends bargaining with Google so its middle-aged male execs can get their international jet-set fuck on, it's a minute they aren't doing their real jobs.