Enter the infinity ego, a ruddy, loudmouthed ouroboros: Scoble's latest web foray poses satisfies an important question: how do you get in touch with Robert Scoble?

Scoble, perhaps still dripping from his last Google Glass demo (in the shower or otherwise), took to Quora to answer some fan mail:

How can I get noticed by Robert Scoble?

If you are a fan of Robert Scoble AND had a startup, how would Robert Scoble remember you? To Mr. Scoble, how can I be the startup company that you would remember and write about? What are your tips for getting my name/startup out "there" for people like yourself?

He then answers his own the question with contact information and tips, and a whole lot of narcissism. Startup idea: put the DSM-V online.

Update: a commenter points out that Scoble did not in fact ask the question, but merely provided a 485 word answer as to how you can get Robert Scoble's attention.