Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking aren't the only ones freaked out about AI and robotics killing us off, apparently. That theme keeps bubbling up everywhere, including at Davos, where the agenda for this week's World Economic Forum contains a bunch of "scary robots and AI" panels sprinkled throughout the week.

There is also a series of talks about the human brain, plus a talk about genetic engineering and a talk about cyber warfare. Conclusion: the elites are getting scared.

Here are some talk titles:

Extreme Robotics. "Robotics legend William `Red' Whittaker reveals how robotics is revolutionizing humanity's ability to explore and master its environment on Earth and beyond."

Human vs Artificial Intelligence with UC-Berkeley.

Brain-Based Chips and DNA Hard Drives.

Mastering the Machines. Description: "Are we the masters of our fate or will our technologies take over?"

New Cyber World Order. "Swarm surveillance and the network of all-seeing machines."

A Brave New World? "How will advances in artificial intelligence, smart sensors and social technology change our lives?"

The Promise and Peril of Exponential Technologies. With Peter Diamandis, co-founder of Singularity University.

Survival of our Species. "What scientific, technological and social breakthroughs are needed to safeguard humanity's long-term survival?" Also, a quote from Carl Sagan: "Extinction is the rule. Survival is the exception."

Robots v. Humans With Carnegie Mellon University. "Do risks outweigh opportunities in today's advanced robotics?

Somewhere, Ray Kurzweil is taking his 300 daily vitamin pills, laughing his evil scientist laugh and saying, "I was right! I was right! I was right!"