As if the princely perk of being shuttled to and fro to your campus palace weren't enough, free gadgets and job offers have also been laid at the feet of Google employees in Saratoga as they begin their morning commute.

A tipster sent Valleywag this proud email from a human resources manager at Roku, a company that makes set-top boxes for streaming video, detailing the Saratoga-based startup's new recruitment strategy: stand outside the Quito shopping center just as the Google shuttle bus comes by and pelt them with goodies:

For those of you who do not know, every morning and afternoon a Google bus stops in front of the Quito building to pick up and drop off their employees. Today the Staffing team has organized a job fair to try and entice them to come and join our team at Roku. More pictures to come, but as of 9AM we had 30 Google employees give us their emails in exchange for Roku boxes. Staffing is doing a great job with this event. More pictures to come.

The tipster expressed some skepticism about the net benefit to Roku:

"I'm sure Google is very worried. A wildly unprofitable and inexplicably popular set top box company is trying to recruit Google's employees by soliciting fake emails for free Roku's!"

Roku raised a $60 million round led by Fidelity in May; Hearst, which owns TV stations, was also an investor. When acquisition rumors floated last spring, GigaOm pointed out the company faces "razor thin" margins. Around the same time, Roku's profitability was still a big question mark. Perhaps one of those Saratoga Googlers can help 'em figure it out.

In the meantime, maybe locals should start hanging out around Google shuttle stops. Sounds like every day is mini version of Oprah's favorite things.

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