Pavel Durov, the cofounder of VKontakte, Russia's largest social network, has had a whole year to reflect on that time he made paper planes about of 5,000 ruble notes and threw them out his office window, laughing as violence ensued below. But Durov hasn't matured much since then.

In a "surprise" interview at TechCrunch Disrupt Europe, Durov told editor Alexia Tsotsis that he was still tickled by the incident, which, according to one eyewitness turned people "into dogs as they were literally attacking the notes":

“This is one of the funniest moments in the history of our company,” he said.

They were bestowing a big bonus on a friend and vice president at the company. “We began to congratulate him: ‘You’re a rich guy now.’” Durov said.

Durov said the vice president replied, “I don’t work for money. Money is completely not important to me. The idea is what’s important to me.”

Durov responded, “Look, if it’s only the idea that’s important, why don’t you throw away the money? Get rid of it.”

Tsotsis asked the Russian millionaire what the headline-grabbing debacle taught him "about human nature." Durov's response:

“Not everybody’s actions are based on ideas. Some people’s actions are based on profit,” he said. “These people on the street clearly showed us that we are pretty much different from the guys downstairs.”

So literally throwing money out the window is a grand theoretical act "based on ideas" as opposed to the greedy people who need money so badly they're willing to break someone's nose? That logic is a "funniest moment" contender for sure.

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