The best part about being a rich old white lady (and there are many!) is you can say things like this about startups in a new interview with Vanity Fair: “They bore the hell out of me."

That's from San Francisco socialite Denise Hale, seen above, scowling at yacht-cheater Larry Ellison. Vanity Fair says the Silicon Valley arrivistes are pissing off the old WASP establishment—people who made their money the old fashioned way, through strikebreaking and strip mining. Blue blood matriarchs like Hale remain unimpressed with their new neighbors:

“They bore the hell out of me,” San Francisco society doyenne Denise Hale tells [Evgenia] Peretz of the Silicon Valley transplants. “They’re one-dimensional and can only talk about one thing. I’m used to brilliant men in my life who leave their work, and they have many other interests. New peopleeventually will learn how to live. When they learn how to live, I would love to meet them.” An exception, Hale says, is Yahoo C.E.O. Marissa Mayer: “Marissa is something which I like. Marissa has a handsome husband, in love, beautifully dressed, a lady. I don’t go for this slob culture—leave me alone.”

It says something about startup elites that the only people who can make them look sympathetic—pitiable even?—are the robber barons of yore. Just get ready for Vanity Fair's October 2073 issue, wherein Elouise Zune Zuckerberg whines about quantum computing parvenues on Mars.