PR executive and PandoDaily founder Sarah Lacy has much more to say beyond Sean Parker's decency—for instance, did you know "Southern culture" is having a "big cultural moment" right now? Time for some free advertising, slathered in gravy.

Here's a real thing she wrote:

I’ve said it before: Southern culture is having a big cultural moment right now. Fancy fried chicken is at nearly every hip coastal restaurant I’ve gone to recently. Hipsters are raising chickens in their backyards for the fresh eggs. Country music has finally actually crossed into mainstream.

As a coastal hipster I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed my urban chicken coop, and all the haute fried drumsticks it's yielded. And finally, some recognition for country music! If a human being read that paragraph they might think not of some Dixie Renaissance but the daily horrors of banal southern bigotry that Paula Deen represents. That would probably be the "big cultural moment." But with Lacy, Deen only gets a passing reference.

Of course, it's all a preamble for some backwater startup startup that sells t-shirts that say "Y'all" on them:

That’s why I think a small content and commerce company in Little Rock, Arkansas has a real shot at becoming something big. Bourbon & Boots is dubbed as a hipper, modern day version of “Sout

I closed the tab at that point, but check back next week for Lacy's notice that "the ocean" is having "a big moment" followed by a link to a picture of a boat. Posing something like this out of genuine interest might be more of an indictment than the usual conflict of interest.

[Image of Lacy via Shashi Bellamkonda/Flickr]