Polish your Dothraki blade and down some... Game of Thrones wine (?), because it looks like the lavish Parker/Lenas fantasy wedding has hurdled California's pesky permits. A mere construction code violation will not stop the bedding ritual of a mega-rich Facebook investor.

It was looking dicey for a minute: state officials took issue with Parker's plans to literally build part of a castle in the middle of Big Sur's Ventana Inn campground (seen above), and claimed the required construction paperwork hadn't been filed. Castle paperwork. But the show will go on, says the Monterey Herald:

"We are in frank, candid conversations with the county and the Coastal Commission staff," Monterey attorney Aengus Jeffers said Monday, confirming that the plan is for the event to proceed as planned.

There's no code violation severe enough that a billionaire's lawyer can't fix it with an invisibiltiy spell. Documents pertaining to the matter are coveniently "confidential" at the moment, and the Herald notes that "the campground was reportedly already closed to the general public for sewer system repairs." What occult ceremonies are taking place there? We'll have to wait and see—but for now, we've got a few tipstery tips:

  • Wedding invites are still being handed out—as rewards for being acquired by the companies of other invitees.
  • The fare will be Greek, which is exotic enough to pass for medieval, I guess.
  • Lenas' family is ticked off about her out of wedlock steampunk baby.

But it will be the richest steampunk baby to ever adorn itself in monocles and chainmail—does that count for nothing?