You'd think Scott Jones—the man who created ChaCha, a boutique search engine backed by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos—is a wise man. Or at least not the sort who gets busted about his mistress online. He's raised tens of millions of bucks! But nobody ever said startup guys are smart, even if they're in the answer business.

Jones, whose past work includes Gracenote (now an integral part of iTunes) and early iterations of voice mail, has allegedly been carrying on with Renee Larr, a "Marketing and PR Assistant" at ChaCha. Or at least that's what his wife, a pro poker player, is broadcasting to her over 50,000 Twitter followers—I guess having the kind of techristocrat household Forbes writes about wasn't enough.

And there is not a single search engine out there that'll tell you how to recover from this:

That's only a fraction of the tirade. Jones hasn't tweeted since June.

Never trust a startup guy who tweets inspirational quotes. I'm sure Jones is just glad he wrapped up a $14 million venture capital infusion for his struggling company back in January, before anyone saw any of this.