Faster at liquidating Facebook shares than a speeding bullet, able to leap across the promotional book tour circuit in a single bound, it's Sheryl Sandberg!

CNET reports that "Female Force: Sheryl Sandberg" will hit stands in June, though there is some very bad news: she will be depicted "without a caped crusader costume and any superpowers." It looks to me like she's doing some sort of telekinetic thing with that mouse cursor—and that strange bare midriff thing could be a costume?—but we'll have to settle for a more realistic Sandberg story:

The comic, written by Michael Frizell, details both Sandberg's professional and personal life, from her family to her education to her successful career which has made her famous within the tech industry.

What a snooze—they could have at least had her fighting Magneto or taking urgent calls from Larry Summers on some sort of top-secret SherylPhone. Instead, we'll have to deal with more mundane action:

A call is placed to the Facebook boardroom...

THE ZUCK: Sheryl, someone can't afford a nanny!

The Sandberg: Tell them to... work harder. And buy my book.

THE ZUCK: Earth is safe again.