It's difficult to further debase an annual event commemorating the moral failings of the media industry. But Silicon Valley is nothing if not innovative. Re/code reports that tech companies like Google, Facebook, Yahoo, and Microsoft are hosting some of the largest parties during White House Correspondents' weekend.

Yep, the dinner has stretched into an entire weekend, so everyone can rest up between whatever ungodly acts they're performing on each other underneath the table. White House Correspondents' dinner is an embarrassment wrapped in a charade wrapped in personal brands. So of course corporations are going to try to get into it.

But it just so happens that these very same corporations are also trying to sell the line that they have become "increasingly defiant" against government authority, instead of "quietly complying" when the NSA used their services to secretly spy on customers.

Read about this six-hour "Bow Ties & Burgers" party that Facebook and Buzzfeed are throwing with Mark Zuckerberg's words about "the damage the government is creating" in mind:

"The whole weekend is about being VIP and hard-to-get-on lists and we wanted ours to be more open," said Ashley McCollum, vice president of development and communications at Buzzfeed. "The juxtaposition of celebrity and serious is very Buzzfeed-y in a way."

It's the first time Facebook has hosted an event during the party-heavy weekend in Washington. Neither Mark Zuckerberg nor Sheryl Sandberg is expected to attend, a company spokesman confirmed. Facebook's top lobbyist, Joel Kaplan, will help host the event, which is expected to draw upward of 700 people throughout the night.

"Co-hosting the party is just another way for Facebook to do what it does best: Connect people. And who wouldn't want to throw a party with BuzzFeed?" said a Facebook spokesman. Party planners are expecting several celebrities to show up, including actress and producer Mindy Kaling and thespian Patrick Stewart.

This doesn't have anything to do with journalism. This, my little marketers, is SXSW.

Twitter opted against a party this year, a spokesman said, although the company is installing a Twitter Mirror at the Washington Post's pre-dinner party Saturday night so guests can instantly tweet out their selfies via @PostPolitics.

Since we're already post-racism, might as well be post-politics.

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