Here's the difference between where you live, and where people like Eric Schmidt, Guy Kawasaki, and Tim Draper live: when their houses get tagged by vandals, it becomes a federal problem.

Bay Area news station KPIX5 reports a recent spray-can-spree:

Last Sunday, multi-million dollar homes in Atherton had offensive graffiti sprayed on them. The graffiti was found on walls, fences and even a car.

Many of the messages said "F*** the 1%," a reference to the income inequality between the top one percent of Americans and the rest of the population.

"It's terrible," said one neighbor who identified herself as Diane. "Yeah, it's a terrible thing to do and to be here in town."

One of the messages was vaguely threatening: "KILL PEOPLE." It's easy to understand why, with class tensions simmering in the city, adjacent towns where the ultra-rich rest their heads would become targets for petty miscreants—and even vague threats should be given the proper attention, no matter the target. But houses are egged, mailboxes are bashed, and property is generally fucked with in towns and cities across the United States. How often do they get this attention?

Atherton Police say it is consulting with other agencies, including the FBI, in an effort to find the vandals. The FBI monitors activist movements such as Occupy Wall Street.