"Snapchat. It wasn’t that long ago I was sitting on the rooftop deck of their Venice Beach office with Evan [pictured above], their CEO," Pedraza reminisces. "That was five months or so ago." What sage words did Snapchat's frat-star founder bestow?

When I asked Evan for the story of how and why they built the product, he talked about how they would do stuff like build something, showed it to RANDOM people — like homeless people — and watched them use it, with no explanation or guidance. Then they would ask questions, gain some insight, and iterate.

Imagine a wealthy kid from Stanford approaching you, on the street, and shoving an iPhone in your face. No words. Just use it. Snap it. It doesn't get more random than a man without a home! That's random as hell. Pedraza makes a clear distinction between entrepreneurs and the rest of us—us randoms—a sort of dipshit dualist worldview:

On the ride home last night, my Uber driver blew me away with his startup idea. Hang on. If I think a random person’s idea could work, then either I am going crazy, or my standards aren’t high enough, right?

The next great tech revolution will be tapping America's underutilized Random Population, the drivers, the panhandlers, the fast food cooks.