We do a lot of joking about how Snapchat is just for dickpics, and this new site (NSFW, of course) proves us wrong: Snapchat, a company with millions in venture funding, is used for all sorts of embarrassing sex shots, and they're being uploaded to the public without permission.

Snapchatleaked.com follows pretty much the same script as other naked-shaming sites: take something intimate someone sent to you in confidence, and expose it on the web. But unlike, say, Hunter Moore's enterprises, it violates the basic premise of its medium. Snaps are supposed to disappear forever after a maximum of ten seconds, and screenshotting someone's message is considered a serious faux pas—and generally avoided, since you can tell exactly who did the copying. This site flips the whole thing, encouraging a betrayal of Snapchat's horny social contract. We saw it before with Snapchat Sluts, and here it is again: more reason to think Snapchat's salad days are long behind us. [via Betabeat]

Update: It looks like all of you perverts have overloaded the poor site's servers. Stay tuned!

Update 2: Still no comment from the team at Snapchat.

Update 3: Snapchat Leaked lives on in Twitter form, reports Betabeat, and hasn't missed a step.