Why are the vaguely-techie stories that show up on TMZ never as juicy as you hoped? The Hollywood blog reports that Joe Jonas—you know, the one with the good hair, who got corrupted by Miley Cyrus—took "random passengers" to Pinkberry this week in his new role as an UberX driver.

An Uber spokesperson confirmed that Jonas is officially on the UberX platform, adding, "He's gotten high ratings and I'm told he's a great driver." According to TMZ, this little arrangement wasn't at Uber's behest. MySpace seems to kinda sorta be involved in that their employees were driven around by Jonas and then blogged about it. However, the Uber spokesperson was awfully quick to connect us to Jonas' publicist. We'll update the post if we hear back.

TMZ says Jonas' mystery backer may be MINI Cooper:

We're told he's been hired by a mystery company — not Uber — to film a spot they hope will go viral. We're getting conflicting info on the company ... some people are saying MINI Cooper, but we're not sure.

While the corporate sponsor or musical production is still unknown, between the fro-yo and the boy band, it's seems safe to say it'll be wholesome as fuck.

Update: A source close to musician says the stunt was not Uber's idea. Jonas is merely a prankster who was just having fun during some downtime in Los Angeles.

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