The only tried and true PR strategy is to literally never say anything, ever, to anyone. Short of that, another good rule is to not post a list of "myths" to "debunk" about your "company" because it really makes you look "scared."

Square managed to trip over both these axioms today, penning the following listicle post:

There's a lot of misinformation out there about Square. So let's set the record straight. Below are ten myths about Square, and why they're totally bogus.

The myths, with debunking removed, are as follows:

1. Square is more expensive.

2. Square isn't secure (PCI-compliant).

3. Square has no customer service or phone support.

4. Square is only for small businesses.

5. Square's business is struggling.

6. Square hits you with hidden fees.

7. Square profits from transaction disputes.

8. Square is just a card reader.

9. Square is unreliable.

10. Square only works on Apple products.

I've heard a handful of these from Square users and industry blabbermouths—reports of Square's struggling bottom line keep coming and coming. But some of these had never even occurred to me before. Now I'm thinking about them. Before I wasn't.

Lots of companies have to deal with bad press. But most non-struggling companies don't have to issue press releases stating that they are not struggling.

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