Laurene Powell Jobs has been linked before to Adrian Fenty, the former mayor of Washington, D.C. But now there are photos, courtesy of the Daily Mail. They are on a boat in the Caribbean, and appear to be having a nice time on vacation.

Click through if you want to see the photos, but there's nothing too exciting, and anyway, do you really care? I spent a few years obsessing about Steve Jobs, and even I don't care.

In fact I know very little about Laurene Powell Jobs beyond what I've read about her in the Walter Isaacson biography of Jobs. By all accounts she is an intelligent, generous woman and and a devoted philanthropist who cares deeply about education. She married a brilliant, complicated man, nursed him through a terrible illness and stayed by his side to the end.

Now she's dating someone new and she seems to be happy. God bless her. And fuck all of us for looking at these photos.