The more we learn about Clinkle—a mobile payments app so fantastic, so splendorous, that the startup hasn't deemed our species worthy of any details—the duller it seems. Another way to pay with our phones—super. But what's lackluster for us is miserable for them: according to a new post on Quora, working for the joint's infamously young boss is hell.

Just because a round of venture capitalists decided 22-year-old Lucas Duplan deserved $25 million to build this pile of vaporware, doesn't mean his ballooning staff agrees: according to the dispatch, a staggering 31 employees have already dropped out. That's a huge number for something that's so small and does so little, and indicates just maybe, handing a millennial a ton of cash with little supervision is better for psych department studies, not businesses. Read the explanation from two former Clinklers (that name, Christ), and you see why:

First off this is being co-written by 2 ex-employees who both quit. Not fired, not contractors, full time employees who had enough and quit.

Lucas. Outspoken CEO of Clinkle known by the general public as the man behind the legendary stealth startup which managed to raise the largest seed round in tech history at a wapping 25 million. Altho to his employees he's better know for his robotic like seances and all around douchebaggery.

The man really has no right to be in the position he is in. He hurts his employees daily and shoves it under the rung as collateral damage. He only cares about one thing and thats making the company successful - ironically enough he never stopped to notice that as a tech company in todays tech industry, where it is nearly impossible to recruit great talent, his number one asset is his team, yet his way of showing appreciation if any at all, is by superficially throwing money at the problem.

Employees are upset? okie lets buy speakers for the office and play music - everyone likes music.

Wait, they're still upset? Lets offer a golden star to the most productive employee every friday. But heres the catch, the star of the week gets to choose the next star of the week. woahhhhhhhhh fancyyyyyyy!

Get the gist of this and how this man thinks? He doesn't want to know you, he doesn't want to care about you, nor does he want to lead you, he simply wants to control you. You're a pawn on his chess board. In his mind everyone is replaceable.

This man is brilliant in his own right - i don't take lightly to someone who is capable of closing a 25 million seed round - theres defiantly something he knows that most of us won't be able to wrap our heads around in an entire lifetime. That being said he's simply a shark.

We can't get into exact details as to how we personally got scummed by Lucas, but bare in mind we aren't soft pushovers either, we just never expected someone in his position in this industry to have ever had done the things he did, but he did and he didn't loose a min of sleep over it either.

For us, working for a shark when also asked to care about the company and put in 60+ hour work weeks doesn't sit well and makes no sense. Both of us were promised equity and never received any.

If you work for Lucas you will be forever be paranoid about any future boss you'd ever consider working for.

All emphasis added. It looks like not even the decadent perk package is helping morale. Clinkle is going to have a serious slog ahead just to convince anyone it's deserving of part of its hype—convincing anyone to come work for this boy-prince prick will be a whole other labor.