Four Reasons Not To Give Up Hope If Apple Buys Path

Nitasha Tiku · 09/10/14 12:40PM

Last night, Pando reported that Apple is about to acquire Path, according to a single source in Apple's engineering team. We heard second-hand that Path is at least in talks with Apple. The idea that an app currently ranked no. 177 in the social networking category on iOS might end up in Apple's ion-strengthened embrace has left some in the tech community questioning their life choices.

Yahoo! Is For Losers

Sam Biddle · 08/02/13 12:41PM

Marissa Mayer is quickly establishing herself as tech's preeminent taxidermist: the company will acquire Rockmelt, AllThingsD reports, a social aggregation something something that no one else wanted. They're paying $60 million for a dud. There's a pattern here.

Yahoo Buys Another Thing

Sam Biddle · 06/12/13 04:10PM

This time it's GhostBird, a thing that'll help them make Flickr better, maybe. GhostBird made apps that let you add filters and change colors in pictures you took. Now those things are gone, because Yahoo took them away. What thing will Yahoo buy next? Something.