Sam Biddle · 03/24/14 11:06AM

So, it's settled: Silicon Valley has the worst roadside billboards in the Western Hemisphere. [Photo via Sara Mauskopf]

Sam Biddle · 03/06/14 03:17PM

The Silicon Valley creation myth is now Diet Coke advertising fodder. [via Paolo Sambrano]

Pinterest Is Now Ready To Sell You Things

Sam Biddle · 10/09/13 03:53PM

Like Instagram, Pinterest was never going to be a free ride forever—you're not paying for it with money, so you'll pay with your eyeballs instead. Here come the advertisements, and you all better start buying some tote bags and twine balls real fast.

Tumblr Adds More Ads

Sam Biddle · 05/30/13 12:34PM

Starting today, you'll see things like promotional GIFs for Denny's in your web Tumblr feed (just like you had before via mobile), according to the company's staff blog. "These posts will simply blend in with the posts from the blogs you follow," says Tumblr, except that advert posts will be stamped with a dollar sign with lines shooting out of it.

Sam Biddle · 04/22/13 12:55PM

Looks like Tumblr actually does sorta care about making money: mobile users will see "up to four ads per day, and they'll be differentiated with a dollar-sign icon with beams shooting out of it," reports AdAge. Subtle! Sadly, this revenue will be too late to save the editorial team Tumblr just canned.