Charlie Gasparino Had a Sun Valley Adventure!

Sam Biddle and Nitasha Tiku · 07/11/14 04:50PM

Fox Business correspondent Charles Gasparino made quite an impression at Allen & Co.'s rural schmoozefest this week. Both on Twitter and in an on-air segment, Gasparino complained about being mistreated by the private security guards hired for the Sun Valley conference. But sources told Valleywag that good time Gasparino was the instigator.

Open Thread: It's Sun Valley Season in America

Nitasha Tiku · 07/09/14 12:55PM

Allen & Co. just kicked off its 32nd annual paean to power in Idaho, where Silicon Valley executives get photographed like they're the Kardashian klan at Valentino's château. Let's skip the boring quotes about "consolidation on the content side" and pick apart the pics instead. I'll start: 1. Why is Mark Pincus holding a baby doll? 2. How low does Zynga stock have to drop before his invitation gets lost in the mail?