Sam Biddle · 06/10/14 03:31PM

Yahoo! exec David Karp and the President of the United States are currently running a Q&A session about issues that affect American youths—because, like everyone always said, Tumblr is where the teens are. And hey, they both love drones.

Nitasha Tiku · 04/21/14 02:53PM

Y Combinator is hosting a fundraiser for the DNC with President Obama. Hacker News commenters are mad as heck. The only reassuring part is seeing Marissa Mayer and Sam Altman's under "Change That Matters."

Mark Zuckerberg Gave Obama an Angry Phone Call

Sam Biddle · 03/13/14 02:32PM

Today in the occasional internet diary blog of Mark Zuckerberg: the cherubic chief executive is cranky with the federal government, and is telling the rest of us about his spat with the president.

Sam Biddle · 12/17/13 01:43PM

President Barack Obama just wrapped up a meeting with some of Silicon Valley's brassiest brass. Marissa and Sheryl got very good seats. [Photo: Getty]