Are Startups Ruining Our Kids? Chat with Author Gideon Lewis-Kraus

Sam Biddle · 04/25/14 12:06PM

It's a given that most startups will fail, leaving the people behind them with nothing beyond, perhaps, some debt and wasted time. Author Gideon recently Lewis-Kraus followed two young techies with startup dreams, struggling to not implode, and is here to talk today.

God Is Dead: Brit Morin Will Publish a Book

Sam Biddle · 11/19/13 05:30PM

It's unclear if this forthcoming title will be made out of repurposed yoga mats and glitter, but Brit Morin, Silicon Valley's most accomplished daycare instructor and DIY auteur, will be a published author. Watch out, Randi: there's a new literary star in town.