Nitasha Tiku · 05/20/14 12:45PM

Business Insider editor Jim Edwards found a way to disrupt disclosures: buying $1,000 of Twitter stock. "I found that owning stock made me much more sensitive to news about the companies and what was going on inside them."

Why Pax Dickinson Matters

Nitasha Tiku · 09/11/13 03:24PM

Mock their JUST ONE CHARTs all you want: news website Business Insider has raised $18.6 million in funding from powerful tech investors like Marc Andreessen, Jeff Bezos, Kevin Ryan, Institutional Venture Partners, and even Facebook underwriter Allen & Company. (It’s also omnipresent in your search engine results. Go ahead, Google something... businessy.) After the latest $5 million cash injection, founder, editor and CEO Henry Blodget said its goal was to “become the best digital business publication on the planet.”

Business Insider Is Having a Nervous Breakdown Over Google Glass

Sam Biddle · 05/03/13 11:51AM

Google Glass will blow you away, nobody is going to buy it, it will change the world forever, it's flawed, it's perfect, you'll never wear it, and you'll never be able to live without it. At least that's the takeaway if you've been reading BI's breathless, schizoid coverage of the trendy face computer.

Sam Biddle · 04/23/13 09:28AM

Despite a recent investment from Jeff Bezos, Business Insider appears to be advertising for Facebook instead.