People Keep Getting Into Strangers' Cars Because They Think It's An Uber

Nitasha Tiku · 08/18/14 11:15AM

Just because Uber's motto is "Everyone's private driver," doesn't mean every car is yours for the hailing. But the popularity of apps like Uber and Lyft have spawned some awkward curbside interactions. "Basically anytime I'm pulled over on the side of the street, someone tries to hail me or just opens my car door," said tech investor Ashwin Deshmukh, when I asked him about the trend.

Tesla Issues Partial Recall on Cars that Might Fall Apart When Hit

Sam Biddle · 06/19/13 11:00AM

If you bought a $60,000+ Tesla Model S between May 10th and June 8th, read this: Tesla CEO Elon Musk says these cars might have a defect that "reduces our confidence that the left hand seat back will be properly retained in the event of a crash." Eep.