Kevin Montgomery · 08/25/14 11:26AM

Coin has apologized for screwing their customers. In a letter pushed out late Saturday afternoon, the credit card startup told their pre-order customers that 15,000 purchasers will receive Coin Beta cards for free. Everyone else will have to wait eight more months for the final product.

Credit Card Startup Screws Pre-Ordering Customers

Sam Biddle · 08/22/14 01:12PM

Last year, we told you about Coin, a credit card gadget for people with so many credit cards, they need a fancier credit card to organize them all. If this sounded like a convoluted product idea, it turns out you're right—and everyone who pre-ordered is boned.

Hot New Startup No One Needs: A Credit Card for Your Credit Cards

Sam Biddle · 11/15/13 11:50AM

One downside of Silicon Valley's ultra-insular groupthink fiesta is that it produces things like "Coin." Coin is a company that sells a product that will solve a fake problem, and soothe a tiny cohort of techie whiners. But when that's all you know, it feels like The Next Big Thing. It's not.