Fuck Stanford

Sam Biddle · 07/16/14 02:03PM

America's prettiest sun-soaked research university has somehow managed to become the "Harvard of the West" without getting any of the loathing that befalls the "Harvard of the East." It's time we talk about Stanford as it is: a stuck-up temple to new plutocracy, cronyism, and greed.

Nitasha Tiku · 05/27/14 12:57PM

Data proves that getting a college degree is worth it. Let's see what Silicon Valley data fiends have to say about this empirical evidence via The New York Times

JuicyCampus Creator Guilt-Pivots After Realizing He's Human Scum

Sam Biddle · 11/18/13 06:09PM

If you attended college in the mid-to-late-2000s, you probably remember JuicyCampus, a web terror that let students spread anorexia rumors and "WHO GOT FATTEST??" roundups, anonymously. Moral panic perfection. It probably made more than a few people miserable—and now the guy behind it wants forgiveness.

UNC Student Startup Fakes School Shooting to Advertise

Sam Biddle · 10/16/13 05:39PM

I'm no marketing wizard, but if you try to trick your classmates into believing there is a violent criminal act occurring on campus, the stunt might just blow up in your face. The crew at Bevii is learning this the very hard way.