Sam Biddle · 09/05/14 09:48AM

Here's something grotesquely unethical: Vox's Timothy B. Lee, rapidly becoming one of the internet's worst voices, is boasting today of how he's investing in Bitcoin, a cyber-currency propped up by media attention.

TechCrunch's Revolving Door Keeps Spinning

Sam Biddle · 08/25/14 12:25PM

TechCrunch contributor Billy Gallagher is the latest writer for the site to make the jump into venture capital. Only this time, Gallagher is going to continue writing for the site, despite a conflict of interest so large it can be viewed from space.

Google's MG Siegler: Apple Is "Boring"

Sam Biddle · 06/03/13 10:47AM

This is why stuff like this matters: less than a month after investor MG Siegler announced his move to Google, he's written a TechCrunch column pillorying Apple for looking dull. There's no mention—by Siegler or TechCrunch—of the fact that he works for Apple's rival.

NYT Tech Columnist David Pogue Marries PR Flack Girlfriend

Sam Biddle · 05/12/13 06:12PM

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: After years of unethically covering the industry which his girlfriend advertises for a living, New York Times tech elder David Pogue attempted the impossible by trying to make an honest woman of a PR rep: the two married this weekend in California.

Sam Biddle · 04/24/13 10:04AM

PandoDaily urges you not to "give up on PCs yet," based on a PC-selling startup that's backed by a guy who also backs PandoDaily.