SXSW In One Photo: Shingy on a Wrecking Ball

Sam Biddle · 03/09/14 05:06PM

Austin, TX — All the brands are here, and form a chorus of undignified pleas for your attention. But why are they bothering? Nothing will beat AOL's race to the bottom like Digital Prophet and escaped muppet David Shing, wobbling on a branded wrecking ball.

The Biggest Bullshit Job Titles in Tech

Sam Biddle · 02/12/14 02:20PM

Last week, the chilling visage of David Shing was thrust upon the world. Equally horrific was his job title—"Digital Prophet." That's something you can be for a living? Yes, and there are plenty of other make-believe jobs out there, too.

This Man Is Representing AOL on Live Television

Sam Biddle · 02/07/14 04:00PM

If you work at AOL, here are two people that make more money than you: Chief Executive Prickhole Tim Armstrong, and this guy, David Shing, who is currently appearing on MSNBC to discuss his aimless, ailing company. This is the face of a dying corporation, convulsing as it goes down.