Kevin Montgomery · 06/03/14 11:45AM

Two weeks after Uber decided it was "worth" $10 billion, the number has already climbed to $17 billion. And San Francisco's taxi industry buckling under all that cash. DeSoto Cab's president recently declared he "would be surprised if the cab industry survives another 18 months in The City."

YouTube Creator's New Baby Is Self-Destructing

Sam Biddle · 02/04/14 05:16PM

One success never guarantees another: Chad Hurley, who helped bring the world YouTube, is bombing once again. His video-sharing service MixBit is dead following legal threats by Kanye West, and the parent company, Avos, is firing almost everyone. Updated: Is Dead

Sam Biddle · 11/22/13 04:11PM

First it was going, now it's gone: the social music website we all messed around with a couple years ago (I think that's when—right?) is now going off to the great website in the sky.

Big Layoffs Hit MySpace

Sam Biddle · 11/08/13 03:32PM

First as tragedy, then as farce: a tipster close to the company tells us the undead social network canned "massive number of people from their LA office today. Entire departments." A "New MySpace" rep hasn't confirmed the number, but the firings are real.

YouTube Creators Kill Off Another Failed Side Project

Sam Biddle · 10/24/13 01:10PM

After Chad Hurley and Steve Chen invented YouTube, they walked away with a bundle of cash and got to work making new websites. Unfortunately, these websites were the exact opposite of YouTube, in that no one wants to use them—now another is headed to the junk pile.

BlackBerry Is Unofficially Dead

Sam Biddle · 09/20/13 02:42PM

The company that used to make standard issue hardware for suits, geeks, and spoiled college kids is, as long expected, sliding into oblivion: BlackBerry will lay off 4,500 employees after a quarterly loss of almost $1 billion. No one wants the phones.

LivingSocial Selling Trips to Colorado Disaster Zone

Sam Biddle · 09/16/13 06:37PM

After pushing stale meme-themed packages and offering up its own property for weddings, we've now maybe reached the point at which they just stop caring about everything: today's featured deal is a trip to a part of the United States ravaged by one of the worst floods in history. Is Dying

Sam Biddle · 09/11/13 01:45PM

Two summers ago,, a place to virtually listen to music with your friends, was everyone's favorite website. Many hours of American Office Productivity were sucked away. Then, we all moved on to new distractions—but Turntable sealed a $7 million investment round, and gradually torched it.

LivingSocial Now Renting Itself Out for Weddings

Sam Biddle · 09/05/13 12:40PM

Washington's fading "local deals" portal, darling of the year 2010, is officially one step above holding a bake sale: you can now throw your wedding at LivingSocial's digs. Event planning is the ultimate pivot.

What Happens to Little Startups After Everyone Forgets?

Sam Biddle · 09/04/13 02:19PM

In a week, the next breathless gathering in Silicon Valley's Liturgal Calendar begins: TechCrunch Disrupt 2013, a $3,000-per-ticket gala of business owners, investors, and their wannabe retinues. For entertainment? "Startup Battlefield," where tech hopefuls compete for money and attention. But what happens after? Often, death.

LivingSocial Is Just Sort of Sad Now

Sam Biddle · 08/30/13 11:57AM

No one likes flash deal sites anymore: the fad is over among people who buy things, and the ripoff is apparent for people who sell. We all want out—except those stuck running the sale operations, and an internet meme lady from several months ago.

LivingSocial Is All Kinds of Fucked Up

Sam Biddle · 07/18/13 09:23AM

Deals sites stopped being fun some time ago, and now the companies that staked their entire existence on local coupons are feeling the burn. And then there's LivingSocial, which is feeling the burn because it's setting its own shirt on fire.

AOL Music Is Dead

Sam Biddle · 04/26/13 02:07PM

Pour one out for the staff of Spinner and AOL Music—the entire operation is shuttered as of today, after 14 years.

Zynga Hemorrhaging Users Like a Shotgun Wound

Sam Biddle · 04/24/13 03:52PM

Earnings numbers are in for Facebook playground Zynga, and holy cow, they're profitable even post-IPO disaster. But under the surface, they're dying. Quickly. People are fleeing FarmVille by the millions.