Ex-SpaceX Employee Busted by FBI for Running a Silk Road Drug Market

Kevin Montgomery · 11/06/14 02:35PM

The FBI announced today that a startup founder and former SpaceX employee was arrested in San Francisco for allegedly operating Silk Road 2.0. According to the FBI, Blake Benthall's online drug bazaar was netting millions of dollars worth of bitcoin every month while he simultaneously worked at SpaceX.

L.A.'s Private Club for Techies Is Over Before It Began

Nitasha Tiku · 06/13/14 01:25PM

When we first heard L.A. had a members only club for techies like The Battery in San Francisco, we were stoked. More Bling Ring, less Social Network, fingers crossed. But during a visit in March, I was told not to bother sneaking in: "There weren't enough members to support the place."

Nitasha Tiku · 04/30/14 03:52PM

Billionaire Unveils Imaginary Space Train

Sam Biddle · 08/12/13 04:06PM

Elon Musk, who co-founded PayPal and is now in the electric car game, doesn't have regular hobbies. No, his latest pet project is called the Hyperloop, and he says it's the future of transit. Unfortunately, it's also just a series of pictures.

Tesla Issues Partial Recall on Cars that Might Fall Apart When Hit

Sam Biddle · 06/19/13 11:00AM

If you bought a $60,000+ Tesla Model S between May 10th and June 8th, read this: Tesla CEO Elon Musk says these cars might have a defect that "reduces our confidence that the left hand seat back will be properly retained in the event of a crash." Eep.

Nitasha Tiku · 05/16/13 10:40AM

Betwixt colonizing Mars and electrifying automobiles, Elon Musk just got Goldman Sachs to cover $500 million in leases for his side gig installing rooftop photovoltaics. One Elon to rule them all, one Elon to fly them, one Elon to bring them all and in the solar power bind them.

Elon Musk Quits Zuckerberg's Lobbying Cabal

Sam Biddle · 05/10/13 07:24PM

FWD.us is playing an old Washington game: hit both sides of the aisle to get what you want. In this case, it's buying ads for right-wing candidates who happen to also support "immigration reform" of some kind. Billionaire investor Elon Musk has had enough.

Elon Musk Is So Rich He Says He'll Pay to Widen Public Highways

Sam Biddle · 04/25/13 01:13PM

PayPal billionaire, electric car zealot, and one man NASA Elon Musk has had it with his L.A. commute on the 405. But instead of just bitching about it like the rest of us plebes, he says he'll pay out of pocket to get a massive lane-expanding project over with.