Sean Parker Is Unemployed

Sam Biddle · 03/06/14 04:45PM

Facebook billionaire conservationist Sean Parker just stepped down from his investor gig at Founders Fund, where he worked for years within one of tech's most prominent venture capital machines. So, what exactly will he do every day now?

Uber's Founding Architect Is Launching On Demand Healthcare for the 1%

Nitasha Tiku · 01/14/14 02:57PM

Sources tell Valleywag that after housing and transportation, the latest slice of public infrastructure to get the VIP, front-of-the-line treatment is healthcare. We hear Oscar Salazar, the founding architect for Uber who helped design and implement the e-hailing prototype, is working on a startup that will offer personalized house calls from doctors. It plans to launch imminently.

Major New York City Developer Bans Airbnb for Its "Negative Vibe"

Nitasha Tiku · 10/28/13 12:29PM

Airbnb just confirmed that it secretly raised $200 million from Peter Thiel's Founders Fund and others last year. But locals are more concerned about who gets a share of the "sharing economy." TF Cornerstone, the Manhattan-based real estate developer and management company with some impressive luxury listings in its portfolio, emailed tenants this morning to stop using Airbnb because it violates their lease and creates a "negative vibe."

Former PayPal CEO Signs Off on Bitcoin

Sam Biddle · 05/16/13 09:52AM

Before he was one of the most powerful VCs in the world, Peter Thiel created PayPal, which deals in real dollars and boomed accordingly. If you think this might make him wary of unregulated internet funny money, you're wrong: $2,000,000 wrong.