Sean Parker Cozies Up to Republicans

Kevin Montgomery · 07/14/14 04:30PM

Now that former Facebook president Sean Parker has his billions from Silicon Valley, he's tackling DC next, funneling cash to politicians that specialize in "compromise." And in Parker's mind, those who compromise happen to be Republicans.

Mark Zuckerberg's Newest Immigration Advocate: "Chief Running Site"

Sam Biddle · 11/18/13 10:31AM

Mark Zuckerberg's pet lobbying group has a new CTO, Darius Contractor. Like any friend of Zuck's, Darius has an extensive back catalog of Facebook tags, including one in which he's dressed as an American Indian, standing before a "God Bless America" banner in front of a door on which a border crossing warning sign hangs. Immigration reform was a natural next step.

Elon Musk Quits Zuckerberg's Lobbying Cabal

Sam Biddle · 05/10/13 07:24PM

FWD.us is playing an old Washington game: hit both sides of the aisle to get what you want. In this case, it's buying ads for right-wing candidates who happen to also support "immigration reform" of some kind. Billionaire investor Elon Musk has had enough.

Meet the Richest Hypocrite in Silicon Valley

Sam Biddle · 05/08/13 10:55AM

John Doerr is a White House advisor, prominent billionaire, and Silicon Valley household name—at least among yuppie Valley households who care. Six years ago, he famously stepped back and forth across a TED Talk stage cheerleading "green tech," warning of global environmental disaster, and breaking into tears at the prospect. Today, he's bankrolling Mark Zuckerberg's dirty fuel campaign. What the hell happened?