Tech's Dream of Building Our Way to Affordability Will Never Come True

Kevin Montgomery · 07/17/14 10:30AM

Silicon Valley's loudest mouths love little more than demanding free market solutions to every public ill—the Bay Area's housing crisis being no exception. Their pitch is simple: just build more housing and prices will plummet. But that's not happening.

Kevin Montgomery · 07/08/14 06:20PM

Pinterest's new San Francisco headquarters is "all but dead." The move was blocked by the city over concerns their new landlord was exploiting a zoning loophole to evict dozens of tenants to make room for the startup.

San Fran Yuppie-Haters Destroy Google Pinata

Sam Biddle · 05/06/13 06:15PM

Silicon Valley's cushy private buses epitomize the area's social tension: rich white people get driven around with air conditioning, poor non-whites get higher rent, and not much else. So how about an anti-bus, anti-tech gentrification protest?