Handy Sued For Being a Hellscape of Labor Code Violations

Kevin Montgomery · 11/12/14 02:20PM

Handy, the on-demand "handyman" and house cleaning startup, is facing a class action lawsuit for violating an impressive amount of labor laws. The suit alleges that the company refuses workers minimum wages, paid breaks, overtime pay, and withholds tips, amongst other violations. Workers also claim the startup, which has raised $45.7 million in funding, imposes onerous demands on workers, including instructing them on "how to use the bathroom."

Handy's Nightmare Tryout Process Is a Startup Stereotype

Kevin Montgomery · 10/21/14 02:40PM

Before Handy, a house cleaning and odd jobs startup, became the darling of the New York startup scene and raised $30 million dollars, the company was called "Handybook." And according to a person who spent a day interviewing there, its office was a showcase of the worst tech worker stereotypes. Sexism, racism, privilege, and all-around juvenile antics were all on display.