"Webutante Ball" Wants Very Desperately to Make Some Nerd Sex Happen

Sam Biddle · 05/20/14 01:05PM

If there's one thing "tech people" love more than making innovations happen at a steadily accelerating rate, it's making love. Usually it's weird, private, polyamorous love—the kind you don't want to ever look at. But New York's "nerd prom" is really pushing the public love angle, and it's a little painful.

Meet the 28-Year-Old CEO of Bang With Friends

Nitasha Tiku · 05/23/13 05:30PM

The last time I met up with “C”, the CEO of Bang with Friends, it was for a boozy night of bar-hopping that ended up on a Brooklyn rooftop. He refused to tell me his last name. That changed last week when the Webutante Ball inadvertently outed Colin Hodge and his cofounder Omri Mor by listing their names in the ballot for “king” of the ball.